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PM, Opposition Leader remind Jamaicans of ancestors' efforts in Emancipation messages

Published:Tuesday | August 1, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Holness (left) and Phillips. - File photos

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says Jamaicans owe it to those who fought for emancipation to ensure that no citizen today has their freedom trampled by criminal forces.

In his Emancipation Day message, Holness says our ancestors did not fight for freedom only to have it snatched away by criminals who would keep citizens locked in their homes while they roam the streets freely to do evil.

Holness say emancipated communities are safe zones, where residents enjoy all the civil liberties enshrined in democratic society. 

He also adds that there is no sustainable emancipation without economic growth.

According to him, full freedom means that people have access to work, education, health care, housing and adequate community amenities.

Meanwhile, opposition leader, Dr Peter Phillips, says Jamaicans must never forget the sacrifices and efforts of those who gave their all to build a Jamaica that offers opportunity for all the people, and where families and communities live in harmony with each other free from crime, corruption and oppression.

He says as the country celebrates Emancipation Day Jamaicans should recommit to the vision of our ancestors.