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The Bolt Fit

Published:Thursday | August 3, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall ï Gleaner Writer
The first jacket Brown made for Bolt.
Brown making some final adjustment to Bolt's suit
Usain Bolt with his local designer of choice Carlton Brown.

The athletic superstar and Jamaican icon Usain Bolt is known for more than heating up the tracks - he also cleans up pretty well, turning heads and fluttering hearts on the red carpet. On many occasions, the sprinter has stolen the limelight with his dapper, sharp fits, tailor-made by popular Jamaican designer Carlton Brown.

With over a decade in the fashion industry under his belt, Brown, who has produced attire for Shaggy, Sean Paul, Aidonia, and Asafa Powell, has had the pleasure of tailoring some impressive suits for Bolt's red-carpet looks and Digicel campaigns.

Introducing his first stylings for Bolt in 2009, Brown designed a stellar jacket for Bolt's appearance at the unveiling of a piece of the Berlin Wall at Up Park Camp.

Then in 2014, Brown once again found himself sketching a swagger black suit that appeared in Digicel's Christmas campaign. From here, Brown produced many more stylish hits for the megastar, making him a trusted couturier to the young megastar.


A little more material


In celebration of Bolt Day, The Gleaner gained insight from the designer on how Bolt suits up for his appearances with the local designer.

Many may think it is hard to make a well-tailored suit for the six-foot-nine-inch, 207-pound alpha male, but Brown shares that designing for Bolt is not at all different from his other clients.

"Bolt's suits just require a little more material," the designer told lifestyle with a chuckle. He added: "From you understand your fabric and know what to do with your designs, it is not difficult."

The process of suiting up the athlete starts with choosing the perfect fabric, a step in which Bolt is mostly included in. Brown then comes up with a fashionable attire that will go down in history, adorning the fastest man in the world.

"Bolt is picky about colours as he doesn't go for loud colours. He is not into printed fabrics either. He goes more for the woven feel as he loves the details in the fabric. He steps out of his comfort zone and thinks outside of the box but doesn't go over the edge," Brown said.

Brown admits that he has doubted one of his designs for Bolt because of its unusual colour, but after Bolt expressed his love for the suit, Brown's uncertainties were laid to rest.

The designer takes great pleasure in making Bolt's suits as charming as his personality, ensuring that his designs fit to a T and stand out in the crowd.