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Dishing Out Bolt’s Flavour

Published:Friday | August 4, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Bolt did not list this among his favouirte, but when he came back from Beijing, four buckets of KFC was a welcoming feast.
The GOAT likes a good dish of curry goat like this one served at this name sake – Usain Bolt Tracks and Records.
A drink named after the world record time Nine.58.
Jo Jos Jerk Pit and more offers one of Bolt's favouirte-manish water.
Succulent and delicious jerked pork from Jo Jos Jerk Pit and More.

Many have attributed Usain Bolt's natural talent and his success on the track to what he eats, saying, "It's the yam that makes him run so fast!"

With that in mind, we are dishing out a few of Bolt's favourite culinary options, and then some. Here's a taste of the savoury side his of life.

Our first stop was a no-brainer. Combining good food with his amazing legacy, Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records on Constant Spring Road in Kingston attracts locals and tourists from near and far to check out the legend's memorabilia and partake in the scrumptious delights they have to offer.

Who doesn't love well-seasoned and well cooked curried goat? Bolt has admitted that curried goat is actually one of his favourite dishes. At UBTR, Chef Ramon Hoo explained that they only use local goat pressured then simmered to perfection in authentic Jamaican spices. "Good old Scotchy (Scotch bonnet pepper), pimento, scallion, garlic, all locally grown, are marinated in the curried goat overnight, then braised and cooked down in its own juices. It's served fresh, with white rice and steamed vegetables, everyday."

We were then introduced to their traditional jerk chicken Alfredo pasta, of which the fastest man in the world has been known to partake. And we could not go to UBTR and leave out the Nine.58. This cocktail performs a triple threat: so don't drink it too fast or it might knock you out in 9.58 seconds.

For our second stop, it was the home of Jamaican jerk, JoJo's Jerk Pit and More on Waterloo Road in Kingston. Known for their unique jerk flavour, JoJo's prides themselves in providing a wide variety of delectable dishes on the menu. Bolt knows a thing or two about soups, and janga soup and mannish water are on the top of his list.

According to Owner Ana Chin, Usain Bolt has frequented the restaurant on a low-key basis to purchase one of their most popular dishes - jerked pork. . "Our pork is marinated days before then smoked slow in true Maroon Town style." The proof is definitely a savoury bite away.

So if you want to eat like the GOAT, now you know how to.

Ensure to check out Bolt's flavour at UBTR and JoJo's today.