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Tech Times | Adtelligent – Digital marketing made easy

Published:Friday | August 4, 2017 | 12:00 AMDanielle Mullings
Gleaner writer Danielle Mullings (left) takes the time out after a tech meet and greet session to take a picture with the team from Adtelligent.

In this day and age, social media management and video content creation are rulers of the marketing industry. Companies are in competition, trying to persuade the consumer to buy their products.

This week, Tech Times visited one of the newest and fastest growing digital marketing companies in Jamaica, Adtelligent. “Our company is a full-service digital marketing firm. We create strategies surrounding digital marketing and execute in the form of websites, Facebook/Instagram management, search engine optimisation, as well as Google AdWords”, said director, Craig Powe.

Adtelligent is currently located in Idea Lab Jamaica, which is a local business incubator and coworking space that fosters collaboration by putting separate companies in the same space.

Started in November 2016, Adtelligent is only nine months old. It is one of the most recent businesses started under the Optimum Trading Group of Companies. Adtelligent also offers a digital skill set in making videos, graphics that can be used in newspapers and other promotional content, as well as research for companies.

What inspired Powe to start a tech company is entrenched in the philosophies of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

“In my opinion, there is nothing more powerful than entrepreneurship and computer science. Taking a vision that is in your mind and making it a reality with sheer willpower is amazing,” remarked Powe.


Adtelligent’s customers tend to be a mix, ranging from small-sized clients to large companies. “Our services are fit for any client who has good economics of business and sees it necessary to have a website and digital marketing strategy to grow their business,” noted Powe.

Tech Times sought to understand what the ideal environment for fostering innovation in a tech company is in the Jamaican context. Powe noted that his company is built on a culture of candour and openness. “This means that if someone does not produce good work, then we will alert them of it immediately. The key is identifying that it is the quality of work that is the issue, not the person, because the person can do more,” said Powe. Adtelligent hopes to facilitate the growth of the company by specifically encouraging the growth of each team member’s technological skill sets. This development is expected to take them very far over the next few years.

Tech Times also sat down with Richard Stewart, social media marketing executive, and Justine Isaacs, sales manager for Adtelligent, to get their experience of working at the company. “I have improved my photo and video editing skills as well as how to use search engines more efficiently,” said Stewart. Isaacs, on the other hand, quoted a typical workday as being “packed, calling clients, doing meetings, creating graphics and many more unpredictable events. In this line of work, you must always be prepared.”