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Footprints | Phyllis Winnifred Powell, A community stalwart passes

Published:Tuesday | August 8, 2017 | 12:42 AM
Phyllis Winnifred Powell

It is not just Phyllis Anderson’s seven children who are missing her, but the entire community of Thornton in St Elizabeth has been mourning since Sunday, July 2, a little over 89 years since she was born in the same district to Rose Archibald and Pennidore Powell.

The child, who was born on the 13th of March 1928, attended Thornton Elementary School. She came to be widely known as Miss Winnie, who married Oscar Alexander Anderson, who predeceased her. Two of her children, Doreen and Milton, also made the exit before her.

Aston, Beverley Anderson-Salmon, Hamil, Oral, Delrick, Madgie and Paulette are her other offspring. She was the sister of Madge Linton, Sam Powell, and Lionel Franklin, who said since his sister was the first of four children, she “automatically” became the caregiver for the other three. “She was an affectionate soul,” Lionel said of his sibling who, according to him, has gone with “a wealth of knowledge”.

Marvett Cobourne, a grand-daughter, remembers her granny “as a spiritual and kind-hearted lady” who “developed an unbreakable bond with the less fortunate”. “She empowered several in our community by assigning them chores, giving them small jobs and ensured they were justly compensated,” Cobourne said of the “loyal” and “committed” churchgoer.

In speaking with Footprints about his loss, son Oral Anderson said  his mother was strict, but had a very good relationship with her children and grandchildren, whom she loved and cared for. For him, it’s all about tears, right now. “Pure mourning, pure mourning, all of us will miss her,” Anderson said in a subdued tone.

Miss Winnie’s extended family members themselves are not short of praises for her. One of them, Kerith Cobourne, a grandson-in-law, said, “Miss Winnie welcomed in-laws with warmth and loving dedication. She showed her love through acts of kindness … She provided insight and guidance to create harmonious relations within the family.”

Phyllis Winnifred Anderson’s thanksgiving service was held inside the Aberdeen Gospel Chapel on Sunday, July 23. Her remains were interred in her family plot in her backyard. She is survived also by 10 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.