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Big drug bust in Culloden... Over 2,000 pounds of ganja, high-powered rifle, pick-up and minibus seized

Published:Sunday | August 13, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Parcels containing compressed ganja and the Toyota minibus seized by the security forces in Culloden, Westmoreland this morning.
The high-powered rifle seized by the security forces in Culloden, Westmoreland this morning.

Over 2,000 pounds of compressed ganja was seized, along with a high-powered rifle, a pick-up truck and minivan during a six-hour police/military operation that ended early this morning in Culloden, Westmoreland.

One man of a Whitehouse, Westmoreland address was arrested following the seizure.

The drugs has been valued at $8 million.

The police report that Daley, who was driving a red Toyota Hilux pick-up, was stopped by a joint team from the Narcotics Police Division and the Jamaica Defence Force.

The team initiated a search of the pick-up and 28 parcels of compressed ganja were found in the back.

The team conducted further search of the roadway along the coastline and found a Toyota Hiace minibus parked with one of its side doors open and the key in the ignition.

A search found 371 parcels containing compressed ganja inside and beside the minibus, as well as in the bushes near it.

Further search of the area found a high-powered rifle bearing the mark "Rifle 30 M1 Springfield Armour" in an old abandoned vehicle beside the minibus.

Four 50-gallon drums and six large plastic bottles of fuel were also found in the vicinity.

The police suspect the contraband are part of the dangerous drugs-for-guns trade between Haiti and Jamaica.

The suspect is expected to be charged after being interviewed in the presence of his lawyer.

He will be charged with Possession of Ganja; Dealing in Ganja; Taking Steps to Export Ganja; and Trafficking Ganja.

He is expected to be questioned further in relation to the quantity of drugs found in the minibus and in the bushes, as well as the high-powered rifle found in the abandoned vehicle.

In the meantime, the suspected has been scheduled to appear in the Westmoreland Parish Court this Thursday.

The police say action will also be initiated under the Dangerous Drugs Act with the intention to forfeit the pick-up and minibus in which the ganja was found.

Investigations continue.