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FLOW exposes new technology to students from Biztown Tech Camp

Published:Saturday | August 19, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Children at the third staging of JA Biztown Tech Camp participate during a talk about safe social media practices, delivered by Delroy McLean, FLOW director of networking, security and mobile workforce at C&W Business.
Errol Waugh, FLOW retail technical expert, shows a group of girls from the JA Biztown Tech Camp various smart phone functionalities during a tour of the FLOW Corporate store in keeping with the Technology element of the Camp's curriculum.
From left: Latoya Newell-Irving, FLOW retail sales store supervisor, shows a group of participants from the JA Biztown Tech Camp how to use the computer during a visit to the FLOW corporate store.
Cesley Baily, FLOW retail sales adviser (left), and Member of Parliament Julian Robinson show two participants from the JA Biztown Tech Camp how to use a computer during a visit to a FLOW corporate store.

Approximately 80 students from the communities in South Eastern St Andrew area were exposed to a curriculum focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at the third staging of the weeklong Biztown Tech Camp.

The Biztown Tech Camp follows the international princi-ples of Junior Achievement Biztown worldwide, geared at developing the business IQ of students at the grade-five level, while improving their perform-ance on standardised tests. However, this year's staging of the Biztown Tech Camp, though guided by business principles, also focused on the STEM curriculum.

According to Alphie Mullings Aiken, president of Junior Achievement Jamaica, "The activities for this year's Biztown Tech Camp were a mixture of theory and practical knowledge. Students learned the theoretical aspects from Monday to Thursday and on Friday, the students got the opportunity to 'work' at different businesses within the simulated town."

She continued, "Among this group of participants are the 10-year-old CEOs of businesses, including FLOW, Spanish Court Hotel and Texaco, along with the mayor of Biztown. Indeed, what is a town without a mayor?"

To commemorate the third staging of the Biztown Tech Camp, and in keeping with the STEM curriculum, FLOW also launched a video competition for camp participants. Students were charged to develop a 30-second commercial, to market their businesses in Biztown.

Speaking at the opening ceremony for the Biztown Tech Camp 2017, Errol Miller, executive chairman of the FLOW Foundation stated, "Technology is an important element of our changing world, and to meet the demands, we must ensure that the younger generation are taught the rudimentary aspects of technology and cultivate an adaptable mindset. It is for that reason we at FLOW have continued to partner with Biztown for activities year round, both during the school year and the summer camps."

FLOW Jamaica, the exclusive sponsor for the camp, contributed to the technological curriculum of the week of activities, including teaching students about safe online practices, facilitating a field trip to a corporate FLOW store, and a meet-and-greet session for the participants with members of the FLOW senior leadership team.

Member of Parliament Julian Robinson implored the students to make the most of the opportunity: "The information that you have learnt at this camp is to supplement your education in school, ensuring that you are familiar with the practical aspects of business and money management. I am, therefore, encouraging you to learn all that you can; ask questions if you do not properly understand the information shared, and challenge yourself, even as you make new friends."

The Biztown Tech Camp concluded yesterday, with a closing ceremony where FLOW provided incentives and awards to the most outstanding students, along with the winners of the video commercial competition.