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Boston bullies to be targeted - Jerk vendors vow to protect their iconic brand

Published:Saturday | August 19, 2017 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis Sr
Visitors at a stall at the Boston Jerk Centre in Portland.

Jerk vendors plying their trade at the internationally renowned Boston Jerk Centre in Portland have vowed to stamp out the perennial problem of visitor harassment and over-pricing, which are threatening their businesses.

The commitment was given during a three-hour meeting with the police assigned to the Ministry of Tourism' Visitors Security and Tourism Unit (VSTU) in the parish.

The meeting was called following repeated incidents of visitor harassment and overpricing on the part of some jerk vendors, which was highlighted in the media.

Last month, concerns were raised by stakeholders in the tourism industry about the frequent complaints of harassment, overpricing, and the serving of partially cooked meals to unsuspecting customers at the facility.

"I urge your full cooperation in stamping out these illegal activities," said Corporal Derrick Williams who heads the VSTU in Portland.

"I implore all vendors to cooperate with the police and to help deter persons from engaging in the harassment of customers at this facility. I am also encouraging you to make the necessary improvements to your business in order to maintain Boston Jerk Centre's reputation and put an end to negative publicity.

"This is your livelihood that has been handing down from generation to generation and, therefore, it is in your best interests to preserve it," added Williams.

One jerk vendor, David Atkins, who spoke on behalf of his colleagues, admitted that the incidents of harassment are turning away customers who, despite their craving for jerk, are avoiding the jerk centre.

"Boston jerk is known worldwide, and we have to preserve this rich heritage," said Atkins.

"There are a handful of persons whose actions have threaten to disrupt operations at this facility. But this iconic jerk centre will rise, as others like me will not sit by and allow anyone to smear the good name and quality jerk that is served here. We have agreed to work closely with the police to stamp out all illegal activities, so as to preserve the image of this facility," added Atkins.