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Guardsman Games teams ready to go hard

Published:Thursday | August 31, 2017 | 12:00 AMKeisha Hill and Mikala Johnson
SportsMax Dynamics
Marksman Infiniti

The high anticipated Guardsman Games take place tomorrow (semi-finals) and Sunday (finals) at Hope Gardens in St Andrew. The Gleaner caught up with some of the teams who will be competing this weekend, to find out how they were feeling as the big days approach.


Marksman Infiniti


"Our training is going good so far. We are confident going into the semi-finals. Kudos to the Guardsman Group for making these games possible. It is a one-of-a-kind competition. There are several 5Ks, but this competition tests all levels of fitness."

Marksman Infiniti team members include Jerome Seaton, Kasrie Cassells, Lisa Frazer and Nicola Campbell.


Sportsmax 2 Spartans


"We have been preparing every day and this includes a mixture of exercises. We have even assembled our own obstacle courses to assist us with our preparations. Everybody is going to be bringing their A-game and we are preparing ourselves to turn out and be the better team on the day. It's a unique game, and it's not your average everyday competition that we decided to give a try."

SportsMax Spartans team members include Peter Morrison, Simone Bernard, Andre Sutherland and Cheriece Lee.




Although a full-body workout has been ideal in their preparation, they have been paying attention to specific exercises to achieve their desired outcome of winning the championships. They have taken their training to the next level. They have taken it to the streets, as being in the gym doesn't really prove their level of fitness, and they are gunning to put on their A-game.

Team JAAR includes Jeneille Greenland, Anakay Ballentine, Ferrandi Henry and Roy Fagan.


Tuff Gong Lions


Tuff Gong Lions is also confident that they will make it into the finals. They say it will really be a spectacle to watch them in the semi-finals. Their preparation, they say, is not just about getting their bodies ready, but they have also been working on the mental aspect.

Tuff Gong Lions include Tyrone Lim, Sean-Tay Williams, Shamara Hall, and Steve-Roy Blackwood.


876 Crossfit iDrade


The team said the journey has been hard but the team is used to rigorous training. "We always do this type of training. We only had to tweak it a bit towards the games. We are looking forward to winning but, above all, we want to have fun, " said team member Chad Hammond.


C&S Warriors 1


The team only started training one and a half weeks before the games but was able to make it to the semi-finals. "We did it out of fun, but when we made it to the semi-finals we started taking it more serious," said team member Tammy Sue Johnson. Her teammate Jermaine Hall said the team is looking forward to making the top five on Saturday.


SOS Strikers


Dyhemia Douglas of SOS Strikers said her team members had to hold their composure during the games and think on the spot to make it to the semi-finals. "The journey has been surprising, given the challenges going through," she said.


Sagicor A+


Members of Sagicor A+ agreed that the journey to the semi-finals was tough. "The first round was very competitive. The tests were gruelling; it was a test of physical and mental fitness," said Shamar Tomlinson. He also said he is looking forward to coming out on top.

Also competing this weekend are the formidable JN Conquerors and SportsMax Dynamics. It will be a tremendous battle to the end.