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Alton Farquharson answers the call from God

Published:Thursday | August 31, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Pastor Alton Farquharson pastors the Church of the Living God in Brockery, Christiana
Farquharson at a church in US

He was just a normal man going about his business as an employee at a food processing establishment when he heard the call of God, commissioning him to a greater service.

He didn't know he would one day start a church or even be called overseas to preach the gospel, but it is a life he says he has come to love.

"I remember hearing a voice and I thought, well, it must have been the other persons in the room. I asked one other person in the room why they keep calling out my name. Then it got quiet. Then I heard the voice again and a bright light appeared around me and I knew then that it was the Lord. From then until now I have been walking with the Lord," Pastor Alton Farquharson began.

He started out as a member in the Church of God of Prophecy and later moved on to becoming the Men's fellowship Director and Youth Director.

He then moved on to completing courses in Theology at the Miami International Seminary and Leadership courses at the Church of God of prophecy.

"I started preaching in countries in the Caribbean and through that I got the chance to go to the United States. I have been to about 32 states and spoken in about 15," he said.

The pastor, who has been in pastoral ministry for the past seven years, been in the ministry for about 25 years and now pastors the Church of the Living God in Brockery, Christiana, says out of all the places he has been to a trip to a correctional facility in Alabama, USA, has been the most memorable to date.

"I wasn't called to go to Alabama: it was by chance. I went to Mississippi and a pastor, Andre Evans, asked me to accompany him to this meeting to rehabilitate prisoners. This is something I have earned so much from ... I was called upon to be the main speaker."

"It touched me to see so many men crying because of their lifestyle and where they ended up and how the Word of God was poured out. I had the chance to address about 200-400 men and then I spoke one-on-one to about 20 men."

Farquharson said the inmates were drawn to him because of his nationality, in addition to how he simplified the Christian faith and the importance of making the right choice, though they are still behind bars.

"I met this young man who said he was taught to kill from age 16, and by me sharing with him the Word of God, he had a conviction. I told him 'if you think right, you will live right, but if you think stupid you will live stupid'."

Farquharson said the young man admitted that, prior to their conversation, his intention was to seek revenge on all the persons who wronged him as soon as he got out, but sound words would no longer have him do that.

"I have been liaising with the pastors there to keep tabs on these young men and I am pleased that they are still attending the prison church and still showing signs that they want to continue walking with the Lord."

Farquharson said they are people who want to hear the gospel and he will continue to do so to enhance the kingdom of God.