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Donique Smith is determined to be a world changer

Published:Thursday | August 31, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Donique Smith
Smith is employed to the Brimmer Vale High School in St Mary where she teaches slow-learners - something she says she is very passionate about.

Though it greatly traumatised her, Donique Smith believes that her mother's death came at the right time.

Speaking with Family & Religion, she explained that her mother's wish for her was to become a teacher, but God had already called her into ministry.

"Though she witnessed my ordination as evangelist, my mother died before my graduation from college where I was studying to become a teacher. I believe God didn't want her to see the aspect of me that followed my graduation because when I was through with college I wasn't able to get a job. I went through some struggles at that point. I even had to work at a shop: I was used and abuse. I went through so much at that time," she said.

Despite her hardships, Smith held on to her faith until one day she was offered a job at a school.

"I went to my nephew's PTA meeting and the principal called me and said I should come and do voluntary service at the school and that I would be paid a stipend.

"I thought stipend was a lot of money, but at the end of three months all I got was two thousand five hundred dollars," she said adding that she decided not to go back.

The following day Smith was heading to a fasting service when she received a call from the school who invited her back in and gave her a full-time position.

According to her: "I began helping slow-learners those who couldn't read or write. I was first offered an eight-month contract, but then that turned into two years.

"I then went to another institution where I've been for almost two years now and I know that better is on before. I remember while I was struggling, a lady looked at me and said (it was) better if I had gone to do hairdressing. When I got my first pay cheque she was first to call and borrow money, money she has not paid back since, but praise God I am still worshipping in a free and full salvation."

The now 32-year-old evangelist is employed to the Brimmer Vale High School in St Mary where she teaches slow-learners, something she says she is very passionate about.

"I believe with all my heart that God has designed me this. I can't tell you that I am a bright spark, but I am determined to be the world changer that God wants me to be.

"Whenever I go into the classroom, I am there to make a difference. I inform my students that we are world changers and we can do all things through Christ. When my mother died I thought the entire world was over but now I know that we can make it with God by our side.

"Look at me: I am a trained primary schoolteacher but God placed me at a high school and I am there to make a difference," she said.