Tue | Nov 24, 2020

Opposition laments end to JUTC fare discount

Published:Monday | September 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Opposition Spokesman on Transport Mikael Phillips says the Jamaica Urban Transit Company's (JUTC) discontinuation of its discount promotion ahead of the start of the new academic year may be due to the financial woes affecting it.

In a release this morning, Phillips expressed disappointment that the JUTC announced via social media that it would not offer the discount this year.

According to the Opposition spokesman, the removal of the incentive that has been offered since 2014 will create additional pressures on parents and will add to the burden of back-to-school activities.

Phillips says many persons were looking forward to the discount programme under which commuters would have benefited from a doubling of the value of ticket purchases on their smarter cards.

The opposition spokesman contends that the change may be due to the JUTC's dire financial woes which have worsened with the granting of extra licences to private transport operators on routes run by the state-owned bus company in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region.

Further, he says there is generally a lack of enforcement to prevent what he describes as a free-for-all on JUTC dedicated routes by private taxis and bus operators.