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Steve Lyston | The neglect of men in our society

Published:Sunday | September 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The decline of the society is the result of the neglect of men in our community. Our men are hurting because most of them have been physically abused, imprisoned, murdered and, unlike our women, there is no outcry for men when something happens. You will hear people talk about women and children, but they are silent when it comes to men. Billions of dollars will be given to empower women, but nothing when it comes to men.

No nation or society can be successful or prosperous when the men, who carry the seed of life, the head of the household, the leader of the family, are treated that way and are out of position. Where there is no coverage, our women and children are left to the elements.

There are many who want to pass laws to shackle our men, but they must remember that there is no earthly law that can change God's laws and what He establishes. When real men pray, change takes place. When real men speak, things change. God gives men the power to name and to change things. We call upon every virtuous woman to pray for the men and stand with them.


The real problem


Many will say that our men are the problem, but if you check the root then you would be surprised to see who is at the root. Real women/virtuous women know the value of men within society.

If a nation is serious about reducing crime, poverty, and violence, then drastic measures must be put in place. Feminism was birthed out of the absence of fathers and many of the men are influenced by women, so they fail to take up their responsibility within the home. We cannot continue with a headless generation. God created men in His image - giving them godly qualities, intellect and authority to hear, see, speak, bless and name, and the capacity to live holy and righteously, having the characteristics of God.

God intended to live through men and women and reveal Himself in the world, having given mankind His character, authority and image to display His indisputable power over the powers of darkness. The first man and woman were a microcosm of the Church, where His glory would manifest in a united and combined effort.

Men are fathers, husbands, providers and protectors of the family unit and since the beginning of time, the enemy has always wanted to divide the men and women. This is why we see laws being passed to diminish the value of the family within the society. Real women don't get involved in gender fights, they know the value of the men in their lives.

If we are serious about crime and violence, then alignment has to take place. When the neck becomes the head, then darkness takes dominion and results in crime, violence and lawlessness. It is for that reason why each man must use his body as an image of righteousness. He must therefore flee:

- Sexual immorality/perversion

- Gambling

- Abandonment of their families for other women

- Drugs

- Drunkenness

- Idolatry

- Witchcraft

When a nation struggles, it indicates that there is a lack of real men. When the children murder or are murdered, it is a sign of the absence and neglect of our men within the society. That is why the church, civil society, as well as private and public entities and individuals need to give all the support to empower, encourage and edify our men if they want to see change. The men are forgotten by a society that chooses to build them prisons instead of schools.

Real men stand with their children, regardless of their status. They are not easily manipulated by Delilah and Jezebel.

Real men lead from the front instead of allowing their lower extremities to influence their decision-making. They look to God as their source for strength.

Real men speak life and encouragement to their families and communities.

Let us make every effort to rescue our boys and help them to become real men just as King Lemuel's mother did for him. It is time to honour, value and respect our men.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.