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Dwayne Wedderburn | The Power of the Presence of the Lord

Published:Thursday | September 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Tears streaming down his cheeks, his right hand raising his opened Bible to the ceiling, his left holding the microphone a few centimetres from his lips, his voice thundering across the church hall filling the ears of approximately 300 congregants, piercing our souls, igniting our spirits, he expounded The Radical Revolution of Redemption.

The atmosphere was heavenly, the wind blew with an unusually sweet fragrance, angels descended, the presence of the Lord was tangible. My boyhood pastor, the late Rev. H.L. J. Griffiths ensured his congregation experienced the tangible presence of the Lord every Sunday morning. As a boy, I relished it, as a man, a pastor, I recognise I need it.


Twenty plus years later, matured in ministry, I now understand the significance of the power of the presence of the Lord and why Rev Griffiths ensured he was a bearer of His presence. It is imperative for every human being, born again believer, and minister of the gospel to continuously live in His presence and insist, as did Moses, that we will not carry out our mandate without the Lord’s presence, as he proclaimed in Exodus 33 v 15: “Unless your presence go with me, I will not go”. We were designed by God to do what He has called us to do only in His presence. Without the presence of the Lord, we are great failures; His presence is necessary to do His will.

Isaiah 40 reveals that the secret of getting into the presence of the Lord is waiting upon him. When we wait on the Lord, we are essentially waiting for the Holy Spirit to quicken our spirits. After our spirits are quickened, we are ushered into the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ the eternal Son of God. Our prayer then conforms to His will and our worship becomes sincere utterances of our present experience. The Holy Spirit then instructs us to be still as He communicates to us His heart. It’s after that glorious experience that our strength is renewed and our youthfulness restored.

Presence validated

The presence of the Lord will be validated.  According to Isaiah 6, when we are ushered in by the Holy Spirit, we see Jesus high and exalted and become captivated by his presence, there is angelic confirmation of His holiness and the span of His glory. In His presence, we become witnesses of the creative and destructive power of His voice. There is a clear understanding of the detriment of sin and we renounce instantly all unworthy associations.

Confession of all our sins is made immediately, even those faults that weren’t regarded as sinful. After confessing, our iniquities are taken away and our sins purged. At last we become partakers of His divine nature and the very appetite for sinning disappears. With our sins out of the way we are able to hear His heart. When we experience the reality of His presence, we become willing messengers of the gospel. When we see Jesus we know His will for our lives and the scope of our calling.


For these reasons, we cannot go without His presence. Without His presence we are without power, without direction, we are dominated by the flesh, and we struggle to do His will. Without His presence our purpose is thwarted, our life’s work is not complete. Let us then in our daily walk and in ministry endeavour to be bearers of the presence of the Lord.


- Dwayne Wedderburn is an Apostle at World Harvest Mission Church. Email feedback to