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'They are stealing our land'

Published:Wednesday | September 6, 2017 | 12:00 AMBryan Miller
Easton Edwards

Western Bureau:

Councillors in the Hanover Municipal Cor-poration are expressing disgust at what they describe as "the tampering with the Hanover/Westmoreland parish border," in the Negril area.

Councillor Easton Edwards of the Lucea division, who was quite vocal about the issues, is calling for the matter to be addressed swiftly.

"I am calling for some intervention from whoever is responsible, be it the Urban Development Corporation or the Prime Minister's Office," said Edwards, noting that some groups, organisations and individuals keep giving the wrong impression with regard to where the Hanover-Westmoreland border falls within the Negril area. He even noted that misleading signboards have been erected.

"Every parish has established borders, yet someone has decided that it will be an imaginary line in the Negril area," said Edwards. "One parish is robbing the other parish of its land. Westmoreland is taking away our prime land from us, they just get up one morning and say we are moving Westmoreland borders from point A to point B."


Anger and disgust


Edwards' anger and disgust were particularly directed at the fact that recent signs erected in the Negril area have allotted all of the Negril Beach area to Westmoreland when, according to him, the border between both parishes should officially fall in the middle of the world-famous Negril Beach.

The usually outspoken Edwards brought up the matter at last Tuesday's meeting of the Hanover Municipal Corporation's Parish Disaster Committee.