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Reveal to Heal conference on today

Published:Thursday | September 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Women worshiping at the inaugural conference.
Minister Kimola Brown-Lowe

With the ultimate aim of empowering and helping women to realise that in order to overcome their obstacles they have to be true to themselves, Minister Kimola Brown-Lowe launched the Be Real for Real Conference.

The inaugural staging of the all-woman event happened last year and saw over a thousand people in attendance.

Speaking with Family & Religion, Brown-Lowe, who is also a gospel artiste, explained that the event came out of a 'God idea'.

"I often take time to reflect on my life and the places I have ministered and those I've encountered. I find that a lot of people just continue pretending (in church) because of the pressure and scrutiny they come under to be, and live, right. I am not ruling out the fact that it is required of us to live right, but there are people who see it as a challenge rather than a benefit, and so to appear right, they trick themselves into believing that they are OK. And rather than crying out at the altar, we scuff our noses in righteous facade when, truly, we are struggling and need help.

"Growing up in church, I have always been in leadership (positions) and I failed miserably because so much was expected of me - but hardly anything was taught to me. I've had to find that place of encounter for myself. One day, I literally laid naked before God in my room and told him all of what I was struggling with. I was tired of pretending; I was ready to come clean and be real. I was also tired of leaders who had challenges but behaved like they were okay," she said, noting her passion for ministry and her refusal to become a minister who appeared perfect, but instead one who serves a perfect God who keeps perfecting her.


Acknowledge obstacles


Brown-Lowe spoke highly of her bishop and other evangelists who showed her that it is OK to publicly acknowledge obstacles; men who were never afraid to bow down at the altar and cry to God, despite their status.

"That changed my life forever. I realised I didn't need to pretend; I can openly come and cry to God for deliverance without bring judged. I have been freed from that religious slavery and I wanted to share that message with other women - that you can be real, talk about the issue, the way it makes you feel and not hold back, but release yourself in God's hands knowing that He will not let you fall," she said, adding that the Be Real for Real Conference is also to expose women to business ideas and opportunities and to help them in realising their dreams.

The second staging happens today (Saturday, September 16) at the New Testament Church of God on 65 Waltham Park Road in Kingston and will be done under the theme 'Reveal to Heal'.

According to Brown-Lowe, this has two meanings.

"Reveal to Heal means two things to me: Take off the bondage, reveal the sore that so it can be doctored. In other words, whatever you are hiding, reveal it, no matter how nasty it is, and let God heal it. And this year, God will pull you from the back to the front and use you to bring healing to some brokenness around you. Get ready for people to begin to pull on what is inside of you, and don't be surprise when you start becoming the solution at your job, home, classroom or just about anywhere you go, because what is inside of you is about to be revealed. You might be a shadow now, but there is an Esther inside of you," she said.