Sun | Oct 21, 2018

PNP gov't to empower NHT, speed up land title acquisition

Published:Sunday | September 17, 2017 | 7:28 PM
PNP President Dr Peter Phillips

The president of the Opposition Peoples' National Party (PNP), Dr Phillips, today outlined several measures his government would implement to support economic and social development, including amendments to the National Housing Trust Act and new mechanisms to fund small and micro businesses.    

Dr Phillips says if his party is re-elected, it will amend the NHT Act to give the institution powers of a minister to position the NHT to move more swiftly in developing housing solutions. 

Dr Phillips also outlined plans to increase the number of people with access to land titles, including the establishment of a revolving fund to assist with accessing credit to finance titles. 

He says his government will also be looking at implementing legislation to transform squatter settlements across the country. 

Meanwhile, micro businesses are to receive special attention under a Phillips administration, including the funds in dormant commercial bank accounts. Currently funds in accounts declared dormant under the banking laws are placed in the Consolidated Fund, however, Phillips says the monies would be used to support the micro and small business sector.

He says under his administration, small and micro businesses in sports and the creative industries would receive focus and that a fund would be established to support those businesses that enhance Brand Jamaica.