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Quiet Sukenia's achievements speak for themselves

Published:Sunday | September 17, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Sukenia Wilson

Mandeville, Manchester:

You may overlook her in a classroom as a result of her quiet demeanour, but when evidence of her academic potency is revealed, her presence immediately commands attention.

Seventeen-year-old Sukenia Wilson is a lower sixth-form student at the Manchester High School with big dreams and an even bigger list of accomplishments to help her attain those dreams.

With 10 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects, all with grade ones, the budding medical practitioner is staying true to her routine of not just doing great things, but doing small things in a great way.

Having attained a grade one in French while in third form, then moving on to acing nine CSEC subjects and one Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination subject in fifth form, many would deem her the consummate bookworm.

For her, that's the contrary and she thinks she rarely spends enough time studying.

"I have been told over the years that I am a brilliant child, but one of my teachers said that when you have a complicated problem, it's made up of smaller problems and here at Manchester High we have monthly tests and graded pieces, and so I treat those as big things. When it comes on to end-of-year or external exams, I just need to refresh."

The president of the school's French club and youth director at her local church, Wilson said that while she was expecting to do well, she never thought she would ace all the subjects she sat.

While she loves doing well and attending classes, even to the point of braving the travel while preparing for CSEC and while battling dengue, Wilson says she much prefers hanging out with her cousin, watching YouTube videos and Netflix with he grandmother.

She is inspired by Ben Carson through his book Gifted Hands, her peers, members of her family and her teachers.