Tue | Dec 18, 2018

Public warned about illegal pesticides on the market

Published:Tuesday | September 19, 2017 | 11:13 AM

The Pesticides Control Authority is warning Jamaicans against purchasing and using illegal pesticides.

Registrar, Michael Ramsay, says persons should be vigilant when purchasing pesticides as the Authority has found that many of the substances being sold on the market are not authentic.

Ramsay said the illicit activity is further compounded by the inability of some farmers to afford more expensive pesticides.

He explained that some farm stores illegally open the manufacturer’s container and repackage it for retail in smaller containers. 

The Registrar noted that these containers usually do not have labels, safety information or instructions.

He said users have no way of knowing what they are buying or the risks associated with the product.

Ramsay pointed out that it is illegal to take a company’s branded product and sell it as something else.

He said the authority has identified pesticides which have entered the country illegally and is urging the public not to purchase them as they may contain harmful substances.


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