Wed | Dec 12, 2018

Mikael Phillips accuses Transport Minister, JCAA of misleading country

Published:Wednesday | September 20, 2017 | 11:32 AM

The Opposition Spokesman on Transport, Mikael Phillips, is accusing the minister responsible for the aviation sector of misleading the country regarding the restoration of full air traffic services within the island's airspace.

In a release yesterday, Phillips said there were still restrictions to Jamaica's airspace despite assurances from Transport Minister Mike Henry and Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) chairman Phillip Henriques that full access would have been restored by now.

Henriques said full access would have been restored within 48 hours at a press conference called by the transport minister last Thursday.

This is after missing the initial deadline on the Monday of that week.

The opposition spokesman is calling for Henry to tell the country the precise status of both the navigational and communication services.

He is also repeating his call for an independent investigation into the closure of Jamaica’s airspace for more than 24 hours in the first instance.

Phillips says a reliable backup system must be installed and going forward a complete overhaul of the air navigation and communication system should be carried out.

The JCAA today said it has extended air traffic services to accommodate all flights entering and leaving Jamaica's airspace.

It did not say what was the status of repairs on the radar and communication system that was damaged by lightning strike two Fridays ago.


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