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Political analysts weigh in on imminent Cabinet reshuffle

Published:Wednesday | September 20, 2017 | 12:03 PM

Political Analysts are now weighing in on what appears to be an imminent Cabinet shuffle by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

This after the Prime Minister yesterday said he has been wanting to shuffle the Cabinet for some time and has now come to a consensus among its members.

Political analyst, Dickie Crawford says the shuffle has been expected for some time.

He says it appears the Prime Minister delayed the shuffle due to the crime situation. 


Dickie Crawford

For Political Analyst, Kevin O'Brien Chang a shuffle is in keeping with previous utterances by the Prime Minister.


Dennis O'Brien Chang

Meanwhile, Crawford says it is interesting that the Prime Minister noted the importance of consensus on the shuffle.

According to him, the one seat majority places added pressure on the Prime Minister who will now have to ensure that no Cabinet member is vexed enough by a change to cross the floor.

O'Brien Chang says it's also important to remember that there have been attempts in the past to oust Holness as leader of the Jamaica Labour Party and his opponents remain in the party. 


Political Analyst, Dennis O'Brien Chang