Mon | Oct 15, 2018

Ferguson concerned about Ward River Bridge reconstruction pace

Published:Thursday | September 21, 2017 | 10:36 AM

Member of Parliament for Eastern St Thomas, Dr Fenton Ferguson, is raising concerns about what he describes as the slow pace at which the Ward River Bridge in Port Morant is being reconstructed.

Ferguson says he fears that there may be a cost overrun on the project. 

Last year, the NWA said $57.6 million was allocated to the project which would include the demolition of the old bridge, the construction of approach roads and the installation of a new 17-metre long bridge.

The NWA had said the work, which began in November of last year, would have been completed in six months. 

Motorists and pedestrians were rerouted to a temporary bridge near the old structure as a result.

Ferguson says he is also concerned about patching work in his constituency which got under way sometime ago.

He says a team from the NWA had promised to restart it.

The MP says the main thoroughfare in his constituency was affected by the heavy rains earlier this year and is in need of attention.


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