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Retiree in tears : No record of his public service can be found

Published:Thursday | September 21, 2017 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston

MAY PEN, Clarendon:

Sixty-seven-year-old Calvin Gushman is not the brightest - in fact he admits to not being able to read and write properly - but what he has is a heart of gold.

Gushman began working in the public service in 1969, first as a temporary watchman, and in 1977, he was confirmed in the position (GLS 1), working at the Ministry of Youth and Community Development, then based at 12 Ocean Boulevard, downtown Kingston.

In 1984, he was relieved of the position on the grounds of "abolition of office" and found employment in his own parish, Clarendon - at the Thompson Town Post Office.

"There were days when I had to walk in the rain to go to work. everyone in the area of Pleasant Valley where I lived called me 'posty'," he shared with Rural Xpress.

Gushman said he enjoyed his job and he liked the fact that he was serving.

After working there for about 11 years, he met in a motorbike accident, suffered serious injuries and almost lost his sight.

"I did not get a cent towards my medical expenses. I went through hell. When I was supposed to go back to work, I was still feeling ill, so they let me go, saying that I abandoned the job," he said.

Gushman said every night he cries to God, asking why he is placed in this predicament.

Rural Xpress contacted the Ministry of Finance Pensions Department and was told there was no record there for Gushman.

According to the representative, for any processing to take place, the ministry would have had to receive documentation from the human resources department of the ministry Gushman used to work and then his pension would be processed.

With the ministries undergoing changes, Gushman has no idea where to start investigating.

Gushman, who confessed to feeling helpless and betrayed, said his supervisors are no longer around, as some have migrated while others have moved on.

"I am an old man, I am trying hard to make two ends meet, I need my government pension. I am hoping that everything will be sorted out, as I really need it," said Gushman.