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JN Money brightens back-to-school for students

Published:Friday | September 22, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Rockare Brown, grade-five student at Buff Bay Primary School (centre), smiles moments before he receives his back-to-school supplies from Horace Hines (right), acting general manager, JN Money Services. Also present were Brown’s mother, Roxanne Michaels (second right); vice-principal Duval Wyndham (second left) and Roxan Bryan, teacher at Buff Bay Primary School.
Jahvanie Hinds, a grade-six student at Windsor Castle All-Age School in Portland, goes through his back-to-school supplies bag with Horace Hines, acting general manager, JN Money Services, owners and operators of the JN Money brand.

Grade-five student Rockare Brown was totally surprised when he was presented with back-to-school items, courtesy of JN Money recently. Brown, a student of Buff Bay Primary School in Portland, received the gift as part of the remittance company's 'Brighten Their Future' back-to-school promotion.

"Sometimes it is difficult, as an unemployed mother of two, to purchase back-to-school items. However, I try to help them as best as I can," said Roxanne Michaels, Brown's mother.

Michaels said Brown is a disciplined student who is keen on academics. "This could not have come at a better time, as I wasn't able afford all of his books and supplies. Rockare is well-behaved and deserving of this back-to-school package, and he is always searching for ways to get scholarships at his young age," she added.

Brown, who participates in cricket, track and field and drama at his school, was identified by the school's vice-principal, Duval Wyndham, as a promising student who needed assistance.

"Rockare is very well-behaved and a keen student. When we were asked to identify a student who was performing well, but whose parent was having challenges with back-to-school items, Rockare came to mind. And we are happy that he has received assistance in this regard," Wyndham said.

Brown was thankful that he would be able to continue his education. "I want to attend Calabar High School and become a pilot. This gift will help my mother and also help me to go to the high school I really want to attend, and then to become a pilot," he said.

Apart from the presentation to Brown, Jahvanie Hinds, a grade-six student at Windsor Castle All-Age School in Portland, also received a gift of stationery and other back-to-school supplies. Hinds was happy for the gift and said it would assist him to prepare for his Grade Six Achievement Test.

The Windsor Castle All-Age and Buff Bay Primary schools also received donations of books and other supplies as part of the JN Money's back-to-school promotion.

Horace Hines, acting general manager of JN Money Services (JNMS), owners of the JN Money brand, explained that the donations were part of the remittance company's focus on developing Jamaica through education.

"JNMS recognises the importance of education in helping Jamaicans and our country to achieve sustained economic growth," Hines stated.

"We are cognisant that by assisting students and parents to meet their back-to-school needs, JN Money is ensuring that Jamaica will have a well-trained and equipped workforce to ensure our country's growth and development. We are therefore pleased to contribute to the educational development of our young people and we will continue to do so," he added.

The JN Money Brighten Their Future promotion ended on Friday, September 14. Every customer who sent or received funds through the service was automatically entered in the competition. Friends and families overseas were also invited to nominate a student to receive one of five scholarships valued at $50,000. In addition, 20 students received back-to-school supplies.