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10-year-old Tevin Scott has his sight set on ministry

Published:Saturday | September 23, 2017 | 12:06 AM

OLD HARBOUR, St Catherine:

Watching 10-year-old Tevin Scott as he delivers a powerful message, it is amazing how he holds his audience transfixed. His crowd engagements and the way he handles the microphone, moving about the aisles like a seasoned preacher is something to behold.

The Marlie Mount Primary School student is already building his ministering base, preaching across Jamaica and the United States.

Scott who said he has been preaching since age two, was baptised at age seven and is a member of the Agape Seventh-day Adventist Church of God, Old Harbour, St Catherine.

"I love to preach, sing and play the drums," he said with a smile.

Commenting on message preparations, Scott said his mother Valrie assists him in putting them together, but most times the topics are his own idea.

Valrie told Family and Religion that she is happy that her son has chosen this path.

"I am so proud of him. He truly has a heart for it and I can't tell you the joy I feel watching him and the impact he has on his listeners," she said.

Young Scott said he has learnt to keep the balance between his ministerial calling and his school work.

"The school I attend is a shift one, so I make the time for my school work and play on weekends," he said, adding that although his passion revolves around preaching, his ultimate goal is to be a bishop, a pilot and to have a career in music.

Scott has already started working on his musical aspirations with the release of his first single: They Were Amazed - a song which elicit that response whenever he sings it in church.

Unlike some children Scott is not bothered too much about peer pressure as already his peers look to him at the school.

"Whenever we have a test and my friends want to panic, I always encourage them to pray - that job falls right back to me," he shared.

Looking ahead Scott says he is not limiting what he will be able to accomplish as "what I do, I put God in everything. When God is in it there is no limit," he said, adding that his family has always encouraged him to continue doing the work of the Lord and his message to men is simple - "real men serve God!"