Sun | Oct 21, 2018

Chuck meets with Supreme Court staff over corruption allegations

Published:Monday | September 25, 2017 | 1:03 PM

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck is meeting with workers at the Supreme Court over allegations of corruption among workers in the divorce unit.

This morning, the workers staged a sit-in to protest the corruption claims made by Chuck.

They say his allegations unfairly broad brush the entire department as corrupt.

The workers want him to withdraw the claims and make a public apology.

However, Chuck told the Power 106 News Centre this morning that at the meeting he will be providing evidence of the corrupt activities.

The justice minister revealed in an interview on Independent Talk on Friday that the ministry has discovered a scam where divorce decrees are being signed by fictitious judges.

The decree absolute is the second of two documents required to dissolve a marriage.

Chuck said the ministry became aware of the scam after persons, who obtained a divorce and later remarry, turned up seeking new marriage licenses.

According to Chuck, several people from the divorce unit have been charged with corruption arising from the scam.

He said he believes that others are involved and they too are being investigated by the police.