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Opposition warns against mining in the Cockpit Country

Published:Monday | September 25, 2017 | 1:36 PM
An aerial view of the Cockpit Country.

The Opposition is calling for a speedy resolution to the boundaries of the Cockpit Country and not to allow any further mining of the area.

Spokesperson on Land and the Environment Senator Frazer-Binns says the Cockpit Country remains one of Jamaica’s most preserved areas with rare flora and fauna.

She argues that the area has cultural significance as it was the place where Maroons found refuge during their fight for freedom.

The opposition spokesman says the use of the Cockpit Country will affect the country’s water supply and quality.

She says any type of mining or prospecting in the Cockpit Country will bring about irreversible damage to the area.

She says the Government, therefore, has a duty to protect the health of its people as well as the country’s water and ecosystem by protecting the Cockpit Country.