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Ailing man detached from family pleads for help

Published:Thursday | September 28, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey

Spaulding, Clarendon:

The agonising pain caused by a broken heart cannot be masked when one's present reality is a constant reminder of all the struggles endured.

Forty-seven-year-old Keith Stewart says he has lost everything, including a relationship with most of his family members.

He knows all too well what it feels like to lose. He lost his job, his ability to see, his leg, a clean bill of health, and the support of family.

Moreover, Stewart is losing hope, as his home for the past nine months has been on the male ward of the Percy Junor Hospital.

"November coming will be one year that I am here. Me come here because I had a cut on my foot that would not heal and I had poor circulation. The doctor said if I want to save my life, I have to cut off the foot."

Stewart, who is blind as a result of the diabetes and hypertensive, has high cholesterol and an ailment that affects his immune system. He said he feels as though this is the end of the road for him if help does not come his way.

"No good thoughts not coming into me brain. Me nuh feel good say me nuh have nowhere to go and me not so welcomed where I am. Hospital is for people who are sick and they need the bed, and to know that me not that sick and me basically a take up a bed and space, nuh mek me feel good at all. But you have some families that are together and some wide apart, me a part of the wide apart one," he told Family & Religion.

Stewart said that though he doesn't have the greatest family support, his brother and a few other persons he knows would help him move around, if he had somewhere else to stay.




"I was able to beg some marl, and it's on the family land in Bog Hole, Clarendon. If I could get help to build a one room, I would be so grateful. If I get that one room, my brother, who a basically me hand and foot, will help me move around, and I have a few people of the psychiatric ward, who will help me to move about."

Additionally, Stewart is seeking help to get a prosthetic leg and visit the University Hospital of the West Indies to have his vision corrected.

The father of three, with his youngest being 10, says his days get worse when he thinks about his inability to provide for his daughter.

"I have two grown sons, but them nuh really talk to me as such. My little girl now calls me from time to time, but every time I hear the sadness in her voice, it hurt me heart. She don't have all she need for school and she just not happy."

He continued, "If I could just get help to build the little room, fix my eye, and get a false foot - even if it's second hand - I feel I could do a little sum'n for myself and help out a situation. Oh God, I don't want Christmas to catch me in here; me a beg Jamaica or anybody reading this to just help me in any way you can, please," Stewart pleaded as his voice fell.

To help Keith Stewart, contact him at (876) 425-5146.