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Amoy Adams anointed by God through words

Published:Saturday | September 30, 2017 | 12:06 AM
Amoy Adams

Spiritually charged to encourage other with revelations and personal experiences, Amoy Adams operates a blog under the moniker 'The Anointed Writer'.

Adams told Family & Religion that she began journaling aspects of her life encounters years before she got saved, as, for her, writing was an outlet.

"In March 2014, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour. During that period, I would write my prayers and journal about my Christian journey. One day, while praying, the Holy Spirit inspired me to create a blog, so I did. I started out by transferring poems that I had written on notebooks, then I began writing about my experiences through life and situations that affect me," she said.

In addition to personal experiences, content for her blog is made up of struggles faced along her Christian journey.




According to her: "I write whatever the Lord lays on my heart. I write about the revelations I receive. I write about my tests and provide inspiration to those who possibly are experiencing similar challenges."

The moniker, The Anointed Writer, apparently did not come by chance. In fact, Adams explained that the title was spiritually inspired.

"Whenever I repeat that name I just say, 'Wow!' My salvation experience is nothing short of supernatural. I can't begin to explain it. When I accepted Christ, the transition was so evident that I went to school and persons didn't recognise me. I was one of those rebellious girls who persons on the outside looking in had nothing good to say about. When God called me to be His, He gave me a list of promises. In that list, He told me that He has ordained me as a writer to share His word and I will be called 'The Anointed Writer'.

"Now, I didn't second-guess this, but I didn't really think about it either until one day I was inspired to do some research," she said, adding that she is yet to find anyone else operating under the name.

The 26-year old woman of God told Family & Religion that she hopes to inspire both Christians and unbelievers with her writing.

"I want Christians to know that they can be open and real about the challenges of Christianity. The journey is not a walk in the park and it's natural to fail in moments of weakness. However, many Christians wear failed moments as a badge of shame. I want persons to know that, hey, you can fall and still be loved; just get up and keep pressing.

"I have a category on the blog called 'Transparency Series', where I just aim to be real about my own shortcomings as a Christian, while providing spiritual inspiration. I want unbelievers to see that Christians aren't perfect or claim to be. It's not about perfection, but relationship. It's not about condemnation, but love," Adams said, noting that the feedback has been great and people have communicated that she has brought clarity to issues they are facing.

"One of my recent articles, 'Why dating and praying together is not such a good idea', had persons declaring how much they never truly thought about how praying together enhanced or heightened physical intimacy. The article left them with added wisdom and understanding. Other persons appreciate the honesty of the pieces and are amazed at the level of wisdom that they say are evident in the piece," she continued.

The Anointed Writer can be found on social media or at her blogsite www.theanointedwriter.com.