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Dwayne Wedderburn | Experiencing the miraculous in the presence of the Lord

Published:Saturday | September 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM


"One day while reaping coffee in Mavis Bank I fell down the hillside. While falling I grabbed a coffee plant. I heard my backbone crack from the sudden jolt. After being rescued I was taken to hospital. All the tests revealed that my spine was injured. I would be in pain for the rest of my life. After my fall only the hardness of the floor gave enough relief for me to sleep a few hours at nights. One night I heard about a crusade meeting in my community where miracles were happening. I went with great expectation. I felt the presence of the Lord. The pastor called me and told me things about my life that only God knew, then cursed the sickness in Jesus' name. I was healed instantly. Two years later I am still rejoicing in my healing."

This testimony of a member of World Harvest Mission Church has strengthened the faith of many whom thereafter also received miraculous healings in the name of Jesus.


The Origin of Sickness


All physical, spiritual and emotional malfunction of mankind is caused by sin. Genesis declares that God formed man's body out of the dust of the earth. Man's body was lifeless. God then breathed into man the breath of life.That transaction was the Spirit of God producing the spirit of man. Man became alive because of the quickening of his body by his spirit which directly came from God and was still connected to God. This connection was without interference or interruption.

Our body cannot exist without our spirit yet our spirit is able to exist eternally without our body. The origin of our body is temporary, from the earth which was designed to be destroyed, but the origin of our spirt is from God who is eternal. We have an eternal spirit dwelling in a temporal body. Therefore, our spirit is the substance and sustenance of our body. When Adam sinned his spirit was instantly shackled. When our spirit becomes shackled by sin our body is also shackled, cut off from its eternal source of spiritual sustenance.This Bondage causes a malfunction which manifests itself in sicknesses and diseases. However, as Isaiah declares, Jesus died for all our sins and the penalties thereof, one such penalty is sickness. Therefore, we have unlimited access to the healing power of God through His son Jesus Christ and such miraculous healing takes place in the presence of the Lord.


Atmosphere for Healing


Jesus Christ is the healer, not man! Miraculous healing only takes place in the presence of the Lord. When we wait upon the Lord the Holy Spirit comes and quickens our spirits and takes us into the presence of the Lord.The Spirit of infirmity, when commanded to go in the name of Jesus, will go.This unshackling of our spirits brings healing to our bodies. When many persons are simultaneously experiencing His presence, for example, in an anointed crusade meeting, the Holy Spirit comes and quickens many spirits simultaneously and takes the multitude into the presence of the Lord. No demonic force will stand when commanded to go in the name of Jesus, in such an atmosphere. The spirits of men are released and their bodies respond to the presence of the Lord by being healed.


Faith is not the only Factor


James declares faith without works is dead. Faith is indeed the foundation for all spiritual action, however, faith needs to be exercised in the tangible presence of the Lord. When this is done a spiritual explosion takes place and every dark activity of Satan is destroyed and the miraculous manifestation of the power of Jesus is released to heal the human body, mind, emotions and circumstances.

All believers should desire to experience the miraculous in their lives and manifest it in ministering. We should wait upon the Lord in prayer until the Holy Spirit comes and quickens our spirits and takes us into the presence of Jesus Christ where the miraculous is released in our lives and, like the Apostle Peter, we become bearers of His presence so that even our shadows will heal the sick.

- Dwayne Wedderburn is an apostle at World Harvest Mission Church. Email feedback to