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Sons of the Fathers Men’s Movement a new wind of hope for St Thomas

Published:Saturday | September 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Sons of the Fathers Men Movement hosted its Eastern Chapter Elders Forum and Council in St Thomas.


With an aim to rescue, restore and reposition the nation's men, the Sons of the Fathers Men Movement hosted its Eastern Chapter Elders Forum and Council in St. Thomas on Wednesday.

The forum, in the form of a prayer breakfast, saw several pastors from various denominations gathering alongside other stakeholders of the parish, including the superintendent of police and principals of local institutions.

Visionary and founder of the movement, Reverend Shirley-Ann Chong, told Family & Religion that the group hopes to achieve their goal of the restoration of men by mobilising, educating and empowering them through various workshops, fellowship, mentorship and training programmes.

"We believe that the men are the head of the family; an institution that is pivotal to national growth and development, and when we restore the men then the family, church, schools and nation will be restored.

"So we gathered the elders in the parish to activate them to work with the men of St Thomas for national transformation of growth and development," she said.

Chong reiterated some of the issues raised by the clergymen during the forum.




According to her: "The pastors believe that the need for the elders of the nations to stand in their position is critical and that they have waited for too long on this type of agreement to unite their efforts in the interest of restoring the men of the nation.

Hence, they gave their commitment to be a part of the movement which is an instrument of transformation."

Chong told Family & Religion that the various stakeholders also gave their commitment that the initiative is a positive move forward for growth and development.

She said the principals were particularly happy for the help coming into the school to tend to boys who have been crying out for many reasons.

"Women who were also in attendance were happy to be uniting their efforts for the renewal of the parish and they believe St. Thomas will see a new wind of hope through the Sons of the Fathers Men's Movement and the various programmes that we are rolling out," Chong said adding that the sessions will run progressively based on the parish's needs.

The senior pastor of Oakridge United Prayer and Deliverance Ministries gave the assurance that the movement will return to St. Thomas in October to visit with schools, clubs and churches to activate groups to start training programmes in mentorship and helping the men to understand their purpose and identity in their various capacities.