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Lisa lights a fire for Shane

Published:Wednesday | October 4, 2017 | 8:18 AMChristopher Serju

Lisa Hanna, the People’s National Party Member of Parliament for South East St Ann blazed a fire at a mass rally in Annotto Bay St Mary last night as the party officially introduced its candidate for the vacant South East St Mary seat, Dr Shane Alexis.

“I born and grow in a place called Retreat, St Mary, right on the border of St Ann and so I’m here this evening and I’ve been working in St Mary, not because I only love the People’s National Party but because I believe in a young man and I believe in a young man because he has chosen a very difficult journey,” declared Hanna.

“And those of you who are the workers and warriors of the PNP, the indoors, the outdoors the cluster managers, the activists, those of you who continuously wave the flag of the PNP, even when the times are not as pretty as we’d like them to be, you understand what I’m saying and so tonight, yes I bring you greetings from the bastion constituency of South East St Ann,” declared Hanna.

The MP, who has sometimes found herself embroiled in internal party disputes, told the meeting that her team is determined to help to ensure a victory for Alexis, who is expected to face off with the Jamaica Labour Party’s Dr Norman Dunn in the October 30 by-election.

“I just want to share with you why I believe in Shane ... it’s not easy for any young person to decide to go into politics, It’s not easy for any young person with a family and a young marriage to decide that he’s going to be a representative and a representative in a seat that you have to fight tooth and nail to win.

“So comrades, I am here with my team from South East St Ann and we are embedded in Belfield and we not leaving you until every ballot is counted,” declared Hanna.