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Diary of the Ghetto Priest | Diana Yee Sang: A saint among the Saints!

Published:Friday | October 6, 2017 | 12:00 AMFather Richard Ho Lung
Diana with her husband Aubrey and granddaughter Patricia.
Diana (right) with her daughter Francine, son-in-law Scott and granddaughter Patricia.

Diana Yee Sang has passed from Earth to heaven. God has called her home. We love her, she loves us, we are happy for her, we are sad for ourselves.

Aubrey, her husband and Francine, her daughter, were the unit that brought so much joy into the world. Aubrey married her on December 13, 1970, and Francine was born 30 October 1972. They were a loving unit that always stayed together. They lived together, worked together, and worked long hours together. Aubrey never allowed her to drive, he knew that she was a pretty and vivacious woman, and likewise his daughter Francine, and, Aubrey is a sensible, practical man. He didn't want any man fooling around with them.

Diana was a woman who came from a family of 16 children: Noel (King), George, Daphne, Albert, Allan, Earl, Colleen, Patsy, Sadie, Nicky, Joan, Diana (Suelen), Danny, Basil, Neville, and Paula. They believed in family life, a big family life; they believe in hard work, they believe in the Catholic Church and were faithful to the Catholic Church.

Aubrey and Diana founded Trains Continental Travel. He took care of the finances - the bills and payment, and is shrewd and stringent. Diana did all she could to keep her customers happy, joyful, and loved to laugh and joke with them while she remained respectful. They did well, very well. But they wanted a quieter life, so they left the business of the travel agency and the huge catering business of the family which had become so famous.

When I heard of Diana's death, I was shocked and saddened. But I know Diana is with God. I know of her generosity. I know of her joyful spirit. She loves the poor. She loves Christ, she loves the brothers, she loves her family. She loves Jamaica; she is a faithful and loyal servant of everybody.




When she had her first heart problems, it was the same year as myself, 2005. She had no self-pity. She kept on going. "I want to live longer so that I can serve. Nothing else. I want to serve the poor, my friends, my family, our God. Nothing else. You think I'll get to heaven, Father?" I told her "yes", as long as she can behave herself. She laughed, "I don't know about that."

I spoke to Aubrey, her husband. "How are you, Aubrey?"

"It's hard, Father. This one is tough, I loved her, Father. She is faithful. She is the best."

"Yes, Aubrey, you are right."

Pray for me Father

Aubrey Yee Sang began to weep. "Father, I need faith. I beg for faith. I ask two questions, I want a straightforward answer. Tell me. First, do you really believe there is a God? Do you believe in heaven? Is there a heaven?"

"Yes, absolutely, heaven is the home where the Father lives, and He has prepared it for all of us who regard ourselves as His children. Do you believe, Aubrey?"

"I don't know."

"I know that you believe, Aubrey, stop asking if you don't believe. You wouldn't ask if you don't believe. Come and join us in prayers. Come and work with us. You and Diana, and all the family, and all of us MOP's (Missionaries of the Poor) are going to be together in heaven.

"Pray for me Father"

I asked again "Are you OK, Aubrey. It hurts. It hurts because you love her. I know what Diana wants above all - for you to work with us in building, budgeting, advising and to be part of our MOP Community."

"I am too serious. Diana makes me laugh. She makes all of us laugh. She brings good news. She cooks for the poor, she goes down to MOP centres and works for the poor. She works with PJ Stewart and her posse' at Back-on-the-Rack."

Patsy, her sister told me, "I remember when we had a family reunion in Canada. Diana and the hundreds of nephews and nieces and all 16 siblings were gathered together. Suddenly, Diana who is so small-bodied, jumped in a baby push pram. She began to suck her finger. Why did you put me in this room with all these old people?" She was referring to her sisters and brothers. They broke out in laughter all night.

On the 40th birthday of Paula in San Francisco. All her sisters slept on the floor and four bundled up in the king-size bed. All the women were sleeping together after long talks and giggling. They fell asleep and all the six women started snoring. Diana went to each one with a tape recorder and recorded everyone of them. Then next morning she played it back to them and she imitated them. Diana filled every gathering with joy. She told jokes. She prayed with them. She cooked. She brought gifts.

She was a holy woman. Now she has gone back to the Father. She had heart failure and died peacefully. The brothers were with her at death and gave her last rites. We weep here on earth but the angels rejoice in heaven.

Her funeral mass will be Saturday, October 14 at Stella Maris Church, 9:00 a. m., the viewing, 10:00 a.m., the mass. Despite the tears, let us rejoice!