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Pensioners feted ... As former cop frowns on the shameful manner in which they are treated

Published:Friday | October 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Claudette Chin, management consultant, educator and strategic planner, presents 85-year-old Mary Dorien with a huge teddy during a function to honour pensioners at the Western District post office in St Andrew last Thursday.
Retired police officer Ionie Ramsay-Nelson is passionate as she argues for better treatment for Jamaica’s pensioners.

Retired police officer Ionie Ramsay-Nelson has described as shameful the manner in which pensioners are being treated in Jamaica.

"I go from place to place to see how some pensioners are treated. You go to some places, you have to wait three, four hours to get served," Ramsay-Nelson told The Sunday Gleaner last Thursday, as volunteers from the Washington Gardens Seventh-day Adventist Church fÍted more than 100 pensioners at the Western District Post Office on Molynes Road in St Andrew.

Ramsay-Nelson said the group was moved to start the initiative seven years ago after she and a church sister witnessed a long line of pensioners at the post office one day. She said efforts were then made to get seats and fans for the post office, and the venue was also painted.

"Some of these pensioners are just receiving a small amount of money, and even if they are receiving a lot, having served and having reached the stage where they can enjoy their pension, it is for us, especially those of us who are a little stronger and especially the members of the community, to say thanks to them," said Ramsay-Nelson.

"We should show appreciation for people while they are on their feet and not wait until they are dead to spend money in big eating and repast.

"We continue to do this because it is important for us to continue to look out for each other, and while we can to help those around us who are not in a position to help themselves," added Ramsay-Nelson.

Guest speaker for the event, management consultant, educator and strategic planner Claudette Chin, shared advice with the pensioners on the importance of making the right choices in life and the impact these choices will have on the quality of their lives and on the rest of their families.

"Until the Lord comes for you, you still have choices to make, and the choices are just as important now as the choices you had to make when you were 16 years old," said Chin.

"We are to make choices that value godliness over greed and that will give us fellowship with God over the world's approval," added Chin to the pensioners, who were from the surrounding communities including Maverley, Drewsland, Pembroke Hall and Hughenden.

Postmaster of the Western District Post Office, Michelle Palmer, who was present with her team, expressed appreciation for the work of the church group on what was World Postal Day.