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I Believe ambassadors urged to help strengthen family component of initiative

Published:Tuesday | October 10, 2017 | 12:06 AM
Governor General Sir Patrick Allen shares a light moment with Westwood High School student Sandrene McKenzie at the 2017 National Youth Consultative Conference at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston on Thursday.

Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen is urging 'I Believe' ambassadors to assist in strengthening the family component of the initiative so that more parents can benefit.

"With the recent incident of child abuse showcased in the media, we see there is a great need for support of this family initiative, which gives guidelines to parents, especially to young mothers. I am giving a special call to ambassadors to assist in strengthening activities under the family initiative, as we realise there are many struggles and pressures families face," he said.

The governor-general was speaking at the 2017 National Youth Consultative Conference at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston on Thursday, where he highlighted some of the achievements under the youth, education and family components of the 'I Believe' Initiative.

The 'I Believe' Initiative is a values-based programme which is developed on the concept that there are some things wrong in Jamaica which can be fixed by the things that are right. It embodies the ideal of a Jamaica in which individuals are inspired to believe in and actualise their full potential, as well as contribute to the building of a prosperous, progressive and peaceful nation.


Resources needed


The governor-general said parents need to have resources to help them in child-rearing and selfcare, as not only the physicalbut mental health is critical as well.

"A strong family is the basis of a strong society," he said.

Turning to the youth component of the initiative, he informed that youth ambassadors have been mentoring, working in the trenches, and completing projects and programmes.

"I Believe ambassadors touch every facet of the society, including sports, culture, religion, community development, education, music, justice, education and medicine," he said.

He noted that the Summer of Service Programme has awarded over $20 million in scholarships.