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Resource centre to assist over 700 math students

Published:Wednesday | October 11, 2017 | 12:20 AMKeisha Hill
Students of Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior High School in St Andrew.
Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior High School in St Andrew.

Administrators at the Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior High School in St Andrew have been implementing strategies aimed at improving the performance of students in numeracy with the establishment of a Mathematics Resource Centre which will enable children to be more focused on mathematics.

More than 725 students will benefit from the Mathematics Resource Centre which, according to Ophilia Pearson-Burrell, vice-president of the school's Math Committee, will help all students develop their mathematical skills and thinking competencies.

"Our objective is to meet the Ministry of Education's national standard of 85 per cent in numeracy. We will plan and execute activities aimed at improving the students' attitude towards and performance in mathematics within and outside of the school environs," Pearson-Burrell said.

"We plan to increase the students' appreciation, attitude and enthusiasm for the value of mathematics in everyday life."

Improvements seen in numeracy

Informed by reviews of research and by international trends in mathematics education, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information has adopted a policy position which places emphasis on numeracy as a proficiency to be attained by all students in the educational system.

Within this policy, emphasis is placed on standards which are aimed at supporting improved teaching at the early-childhood, primary and secondary levels of the education system. The policy articulates a vision for mathematics education in Jamaica and establishes standards to guide the teaching and learning of the subject at the early childhood, primary and secondary levels.

In the recent Grade Four Numeracy Results for 2016-2017, Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior High School in St Andrew achieved mastery of 50 per cent and near-mastery of 40 per cent in their numeracy results, an improvement over the 2015-2016 scores of 35 per cent in both mastery and near-mastery.


Marginal upturn


The school's Grade Six Achievement (GSAT) results in mathematics also saw marginal improvements from 45.86 per cent in 2016 to 48.85 per cent in 2017.

"Our students have been improving, but they need additional support. We want to create, as part of the general school activities, an awareness and enthusiasm among students for them to understand the importance of math," said Ophilia Pearson-Burrell, vice-president of the Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior High School Math Committee.

The students will use a number of resources in the Mathematics Resource Centre to include math card games, math bingo games, fraction domino, tablets, math workbooks, math CD's and interactive charts.

"We are hoping that with all the strategies that we have put in place and the various interventions, that we will continue to see improvements for 2017 into 2018. We are getting them more engaged and we are also ensuring that the strategy that is being used is one of integration and application," Pearson-Burrell said.




Some of the priority resources that are currently needed to enhance the student's performance include an interactive white board, projector, metre rulers, geometry sets, fraction pieces and circles among other items.

Persons can contact the school to assist with additional resources by either calling 937-2696 or email