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A third win for Assana

Published:Wednesday | October 11, 2017 | 12:11 AM
Assana Thompson, Spelling Bee champion for St Andrew
Assana Thompson, Spelling Bee champion for St Andrew being presented with her trophy by Custos representative, Justice of the Peace Yolanda Nunes
Assana Thompson, Spelling Bee champion for St Andrew

Top bees

1. Assana Thompson, Ardenne High

2. Chenelle Richards, St Hugh's High

3. Bryce-Anthony Wynter, Ardenne Preparatory

4. Peter Collins, Campion College

5. LAndo Fullerton, Ardenne High

Top Boy: Bryce-Anthony Wynter, Ardenne Preparatory

Top Girl: Assana Thompson, Ardenne High

Winning word: C-O-L-O-P-H-O-N

Coach: Bee Spellers Coaching Program

Number of spellers: 50

'With God as guide we seek the best'. The Ardenne High School motto was a go-before in Assana Thompson's preparation for the parish finals. The 12-year-old, not new to competing, as this is her third parish win, says that her victory was really a team effort. In her interview, she thanked her parents, family, friends and coaches for their support.

Thompson might be a pro at preparing for spell-downs, but admits that she isn't sleeping on the basics.

"I went through the Spelling Bee book as usual and studied some unseen material," she shared.

The eighth grader is not at a new school and admits that she hasn't got a chance to be a part of any clubs because she is focused on spelling at the moment, as she prefers to put her all into it. But she'll consider clubs afterwards [national finals].

Fun things about Assana

- She love chocolate.

- Likes to sing (Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass' is her jam).

- Likes to dance.

Assana on winning:

"I'm very happy about winning, I'm very grateful. I'd like to thank God, because without God, nothing would be done."

Roger Allen

(team leader) on winning:

"Assana is a young lady on a mission. This is her last year in spelling, being a grade-eight student, so she wants to finish on a super high, as she puts it, and she is well on her way."