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‘I love people, so I have to help’

Published:Tuesday | October 17, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Gloria Bogle was recognised by the civic committee of Manchester for service to community at the Heroes Day Ceremony at the Cecil Charlton Park on October 16, 2017.

It is a precious gift to find one willing to make personal sacrifices for others, standing to gain nothing but a satisfied spirit and a happy heart.

Gloria Bogle's genuine love for people translates into unwavering service to those in need. Having worked with the Garlogie Peoples' Co-operative Bank for 30 years, moving from assistant secretary to manager, this selfless woman has secured proper housing for several residents of the Mount Pleasant District and adjoining areas.

"I worked for people to get titles for their lands so they could get houses. I helped them to collect information and put it to together so they would qualify for the National Health Fund. I always like to do a lot for people and to see them satisfied," Bogle related. "It brings great satisfaction when you do your little part and you see the growth in the community. Some of them never had good houses and we helped them to qualify for loans so they could build better houses and even be able to send their children to school."

Atop the list of things done, Bogle is well known for her interest in education, ensuring everyone gets a chance and even a second chance.

"I was the board chairman for the Garlogie Primary and Junior High School for about six years. I was instrumental in getting the past-students association up and running, and for approximately 15 years, I gave service to the JAMAL (now JFLL) programme there," she told Rural Xpress. "My husband and I started that programme in the area. We taught people how to read, taught them art and craft, shorthand, typewriting, bookkeeping; then they did community service and we allowed them as much as we could to learn a skill," she added.

Even at 78 years old, Bogle continues to give services to many individuals through the JFLL programme and the Golden Agers Committee in the Mount Pleasant District.

"We did a whole lot; some things I don't remember, but I have people who come to me all the time, from the district, from overseas, all different places, to say what we have done for them. They appreciate us so much," she recounted. "I love people, and people gravitate to me, so I have to help. Looking back to all the things that I have done in those times I, felt as though I wasn't doing enough, but when you find out that you have done what you could have and people don't forget, it is satisfying," added Bogle.

She has been enjoying retirement for a number of years and now ably farms her plot of land and finds pleasure in teaching Sunday school at her church.