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Silence is deadly, security minister warns

Published:Monday | October 23, 2017 | 12:00 AMChristopher Serju

Get involved in saving Jamaica was the overriding message from Robert Montague, Minister of National Security, to the recipients of the 2017-18 ministry of national security and Jamaica Police Federation scholarships last Thursday.

The minister charged the 71 awardees, all children of policemen and women, to use their time at the various tertiary level institutions to get involved in extra-curricular activities, which he says is pivotal to personal development. And upon completion of their studies, he wants them to get involved in politics, Montague told the awards ceremony at the Girl Guides Headquarters, Waterloo Road, St Andrew.

"It is through politics that you get the leaders of the country and if the very brightest and the best don't get involved in politics, others are going to get involved, and those that get involved might not lead the country where you want it to go. If the decent people walk away from politics, (it) is the non-decent people (who are) going to walk into it; and when the country goes in the wrong direction, don't blame the politician, blame yourself," he declared.


Urging youngsters to participate


The member of parliament for Western St Mary used his address to charge the youngsters to get up and get involved in activities at the campus, community and national levels so they can positively influence Jamaica's outlook, as well as their own future.

"If you don't get involved, somebody else is going to get involved. Silence is not golden. In Jamaica, silence is deadly," Montague insisted, before going on to warn of the potential dangers of ignoring or accepting the less-than-desirable behaviour of persons bent on destroying the country.

"Something happen to your friend and you say nothing, then when they come for your other friend you still naw say nutten. Then they going to come for your other friend and you still naw go say nutten until they come for you, then there will be nobody to say nutten.

"So I urge you to get involved. Don't allow your parents alone to get involved. You as young people have to take a stance for Jamaica, land we love; and we cannot just sit down and offer solutions and use social media only for fun. We must use social media also for advocacy. If we wish to see Jamaica prosperous, if we wish to see Jamaica grow, you have to become civic-minded and play your part," he said.