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Montague says he still has confidence in FLA CEO Shane Dalling

Published:Friday | October 27, 2017 | 6:42 PM
Montague ... if Grant knows of any corrupt practices at the FLA, he should report these to the relevant authorities.

National Security Minister Robert Montague says he continues to have confidence in the Chief Executive Officer of the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) Shane Dalling.

The president of the Jamaica Civil Service Association, O'Neil Grant, has written to Montague saying the union has no confidence in Dalling because of how he has handled industrial relations matters at the FLA.

IN PHOTO: Shane Dalling

Grant said the union is prepared to take things further if Dalling does not resign.

But in a response released to the media, Montague argued that Grant has raised no credible reasons for dismissing Dalling, as the CEO has abided by all contracts.

He also noted that as national security minister, he does not have the authority to instruct the board of the FLA to dismiss Dalling.

IN PHOTO: O'Neil Grant 

Montague also said, if Grant knows of any corrupt practises at the FLA, he should report these to the relevant authorities.

Five complaints of wrongful dismissal have been filed with the Ministry of Labour by former employees of the FLA.

The workers were dismissed amid a shake-up at the FLA following reports of irregularities in the issuing of some firearm permits.

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