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Goodlife Network presents 10-day experience

Published:Saturday | October 28, 2017 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell -Livingston
Colin Morgan

Saturday October 21 to Sunday October 30 will be a chance to enjoy The Good Life Experience, as the days will be filled with uplifting programmes and events geared at ministering to the whole man.

The Good Life XPD will be bringing together a talented team from all walks of life for what would traditionally have been called a missions trip.

Sharing about the event, pastor Colin Morgan of Goodlife Network, said the purpose is to have a life-changing impact both on the people of Jamaica and on the team members who will travel to Jamaica over the 10 days.

"This expedition will change the way on-lookers view God and what a relationship with God could be. We are also intentional about promoting cultural exchange, increasing exposure and the personal and spiritual development of the travelling team. This mission will give us all the opportunity to explore and it will expose us to new people and new cultures all over the world," he said.

With the event embracing the concept from John 14:6, with keen attention on the words Way Truth and Life, Morgan said each of the event is designed to be an opportunity for either outreach (Way), Word-based teaching (Truth) or entertainment/socialising (Life). "The Good Life Network is intentional about creating events and activities that allow Christians to live a life that is counter to popular perception that the Christian way of life is boring and unappealing and make these events and activities attractive enough for anyone to feel that they can participate," he said.




Speaking about the inspiration for the 10-day-event, Morgan said the expression 'good life' usually represents material wealth. However, for them, the fundamental values are based on the belief that to live a good life is to live the balanced life as Jesus did, thus redefining the expression 'good life'.

"We recognise that there is a lack of consistent quality events, activities and opportunities to have fun while staying true to core Christian values outside of the standard Sunday or Saturday church. We want to set an environment where we can demonstrate to Christians and non-Christians that it is possible to live a good life, a happy life, a fulfilling and exciting life in Christ," states Morgan.

Looking ahead to the staging of the events, Morgan is expecting an impact on the underserved communities through the various outreach activities which will include donations of much needed educational equipment and supplies.

"We will be launching a computer lab at Port Antonio Primary School and providing a facelift to the Southside community centre in Kingston. We are, however, not only concerned with addressing tangible needs," he pointed out, adding that they will be targeting the "poor in spirit" regardless of social status, income or geography.

"We want them to know that God has a good plan for them and that there is safety, support and resources to be found among a community that will walk with them through successes and challenges," Morgan said of the event that will be held annually. Among the activities slated for the days are City Walk, Paint the City, Breeze Out and trek to Portland.