Fri | Aug 17, 2018

JLP, PNP not expecting rain forecast to dampen voter turnout

Published:Sunday | October 29, 2017 | 12:31 PM

Despite the weather forecast projecting rainy conditions tomorrow, both political parties are anticipating voters will turnout in high numbers for the by-elections in South East St Mary, as well as, in South and South West St Andrew.

The Meteorological Service of Jamaica has forecast rain for eastern parishes tomorrow morning as a trough across the western Caribbean continues to affect Jamaica. 

But JLP general secretary, Dr Horace Chang, says the party is prepared to assist its supporters to get to polling stations safely and dry. 

He says although conditions are not expected to be similar to the 2002 rains, umbrellas and ponchos have been distributed to workers, as well as tarpaulins have been provided to protect some polling areas. He says workers will be moving swiftly to get supporters in and out of polling stations.

Chang says emotions have been running high and, therefore, he does not expect the weather to dampen turnout for tomorrow's by-election. 

For the People's National Party (PNP), its general secretary Julian Robinson predicts a higher than average turnout in keeping with trends in the constituency. He says the constituency has always had a voter turnout above the national average.

However, he says the PNP is prepared for the poor weather conditions.