Sat | Nov 17, 2018

Mad rush on tax offices as ticket amnesty ends

Published:Tuesday | October 31, 2017 | 12:14 PMJohn Myers Jr.

There is a mad rush on tax offices across the island as motorists with outstanding traffic tickets seek to benefit from a three-month amnesty that ends today.

Since tax offices opened at 8:30 this morning, there have been long lines with some extending through the entrance doors of some locations.

Chief Communication Officer of Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ), Meris Haughton, says the agency had expected the rush and put in place contingencies to deal with the congestion.


Chief communications officer of the TAJ, Meris Haughton

Haughton is urging motorists to utilise the TAJ's online payment portal on its website to avoid the rush.

She says motorists can make payment with a valid credit card up to midnight tonight and still benefit from the amnesty.

She says collections from the amnesty up to yesterday were over $470 million.

The Ministry of National Security, at the start of the amnesty on August 2, had said some $560 million was owing in traffic ticket payments.