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Steve Lyston | Change the way we lead and manage

Published:Monday | November 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM

We are in a season where management styles and leadership styles are under scrutiny and, in some cases, need to be revisited. So while praying, the Lord said to us that in management and leadership styles - whether business, church or politics - we will see one of the greatest reformations take place and some will rise and some will fall, subject to their style of operation. The Lord further said to us, many people are flying high and they have not prepared a safe ground to land. The question is, if God is not the navigator, how and where will they land?

There are several ways to look at this. Many people are on a high and it seems they have everything under control, or as if everything is going their way. But they may find themselves crash-landing at the end of the day if God is not their navigator.

It is critical to know which management styles to employ during the various seasons. They must know what the people at every level and in every class need. The people need leaders who speak their language and understand their pain and their issues; one who will motivate them and reach them at any level they are at. They need leaders who understand the struggles they are going through and can encourage them, and that is why leaders cannot be absolute and rigid; they must be willing to change, grow, and allow for growth.

Leaders must also show mercy and compassion, particularly if they want it to be extended to them. Many times when things occur within our society, many leaders behave as if they are righteous and perfect, and fail to understand the actions of individuals at times, to their detriment. The two most powerful commandments for anyone to employ are - "'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,' and 'your neighbour as yourself.'"(Luke 10: 27)

Regardless of the day of worship or anything else, these are the two greatest commandments. Anything that is put before God, or negative treatment we extend to our neighbour - whether your co-worker, family member, church brethren, staff, boss, and so on - means that we are not following those two commandments; and if you are not following those commandments, then you can't talk about any other commandments.

There are people who will preach to us about keeping the commandment, yet they spend more money on their dog than they would on the person who takes care of their children and household. They treat their secretaries like nothing and then present themselves to the public as if they are angels.


... Manage an Economy


If we are going to manage an economy, the people's welfare must be the number-one priority, because neglecting them after begging their votes in order to maintain power is wrong. If the same effort we use to gain power was being employed to help the people, the nation would be much further advanced. Likewise, if the churches were using the same effort it used to erect buildings to empower the people, the nation would be in a better state.


... Solutions for the sliding dollar


The Government needs to shut down the black market that allows the officials, elite, extortionists and drug dealers to make exorbitant deals, while the poor are met with stringent measures to perpetuate hardship. We are larger than Grenada, and the last time I checked, their Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar is EC$2.67 to US$ 1 and has been so in that range for many years. This sliding-dollar issue is creating major negative impact on the poor. Why not adopt the suggestion made by former Prime Minister Edward Seaga to stabilise the dollar?


... Today's focus


The main areas of focus should now be the renewal/ restoration of each person's mental and emotional health and a change in the overall way of thinking of our people. Additionally, the spiritual health of our people undeniably affects how we function as a nation.

We need to lift the quality of life that each and all persons live in the nation. We need to help our small businesses. Some have been in business for years and now have to shut down because of the high utility costs. Some can no longer compete with foreign companies because of the environment in the business sector; and so we are putting our own people out of business - who are willing to keep the money circulating within the country - as opposed to the foreign entities that make the profits here and pull it out of our nation and put it into theirs.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.