Sat | Nov 17, 2018

Warmington slams press, calls media practitioners damn idiots

Published:Tuesday | November 7, 2017 | 1:02 PM

Everald Warmington, the chairman of the Constituency Development Fund attacked the press at this morning’s committee meeting at George William Gordon House. 

In what appeared to be an unusual drought of projects for approval by the branch of government which oversees the programme, Warmington, in front of committee members Floyd Green, Juliet Cuthbert Flynn and Richard Azan, launched his broadside. 

“What we have in this country for news is speculation and opinion. It’s a shame how they keep blowing smoke up the rear end of Jamaicans,” Warmington said, snarling from two reports in which he was the apparent protagonist. 

 “It’s true, it's true,” said CDF executive director Moveta Munroe, as Warmington steamed off. 

He would continue, taking issue with the narrative surrounding an audio-video presentation of him on the campaign trail in the recent St Mary South East by-election. 

In the video, Warmington is heard saying, electors should vote for the Jamaica Labour Party candidate Norman Dunn, as it would make no sense to vote for an MP whose party is not in government. 

“Even the PNP (People’s National Party) MPs said they know that something must be wrong, because that’s not me ... Damn idiots. They don’t realise they were doing a favour to us,” Warmington said in regard to reporters. 

He then proceeded to attack the intellect of practicing journalists, saying they have limited intelligence and could never be employed overseas. 

“I hope Miss Virtue get enough to write now …” he said, in reference to a Gleaner reporter before asking for the adjournment of the meeting.