Thu | Dec 13, 2018

Containers pile-up at Kingston Freeport Terminal; importers slow to clear cargo

Published:Friday | November 10, 2017 | 2:43 PMJohn Myers Jr

Containers have begun to pile-up on the Kingston Freeport Terminal to the point where it has started to affect service delivery.

The Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited says this is because importers have not been clearing containers.

In a release this morning, the company said more than 1,200 containers are now sitting on the port awaiting clearance.

It says 38 per cent of the containers have been awaiting clearance for more than two weeks, while 31 per cent has been there for as long as three months awaiting clearance.

It says the remaining 31 per cent of containers have been there for a week.

Manager of Yard Operations at the Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited, Ian Telfer, says the uncleared containers by importers has created a serious a challenge.


Manager of Yard Operations at the Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited, Ian Telfer

The operator of the Kingston port facility, which was the scene of protests in June and August by truckers who complain of long waiting times, says it has noticed a reduction in the number of appointments made to clear containers over the past three to four weeks.

As a result, the port operator says 30 per cent of the containers for clearance remain on the port on a daily basis.

The company is urging businesses with uncleared containers to contact its Gate Operations Unit to make arrangements to have the cargo cleared.