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A family living in fear - Ramdials worried as cops fail to determine the motive for the murder of father and son in months

Published:Sunday | November 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Richard Ramdial
The bullet-riddled Mercedes Benz in which businessman Richard Ramdial was travelling when he was killed along Ruthven Road, St Andrew.

Almost three weeks after the fatal shooting of a second family member in the space of three months, members of the Ramdial family are living in fear as they still try to determine what is behind the murders.

Late last month, 70-year-old Dennis Ramdial was ambushed and shot dead as he stood outside his business place on Beechwood Avenue in St Andrew.

That came some three months after his son Richard was peppered with bullets inside his Mercedes sport utility vehicle along Ruthven Road, also in St Andrew.

Last week, family members told The Sunday Gleaner that they were worried as the police seem no closer to finding the killers.

"Everybody is afraid because we don't know what is what. The shock and not knowing what's going on, I think that is where the big problem is. Nobody knows what the killings are stemming from," said a male relative.

"It is not a random case. I don't know about Richard but when it comes to the father, him and nobody not in anything, no problems. He was just going about his business not knowing that his life was in danger. Unfortunately, the killers thought otherwise.

"We really think that it is coming from the son. As for exactly what it is, we don't know as yet. He (Richard) was a very private person in his dealing and those things. He didn't really talk and let anybody know what was going on," added the male relative.

Last week, Senior Superintendent Jacqueline Green, head of the St Andrew Central Police Division, described the investigation into the killings as highly sensitive.

"The investigation is ongoing, the Major Investigative Task Force and the St Andrew Central police are probing the incidents. It is a highly sensitive and, unfortunately, we have no additional information right now," said Green.

"Anybody would be fearful. It is natural. What we can do is ask the divisional commander in their area of residence to provide some amount of assistance, even if it is to increase periodic patrols there," added Green, as she responded to reports of the fears of the relatives.

Word on the streets is that Richard Ramdial was paid J$5 million and US$20,000 for a transaction by a client.

He allegedly tried to double the money in gambling endeavours but failed.

That was when his 70-year-old father allegedly committed to paying back the sums.

Sunday Gleaner sources claim that the elder Ramdial fell short on the payments and both men were subsequently killed.

But the police say they have no evidence to support these claims and they are still not certain that the two killings are linked.

"We will be doing a case conference soon, and when that is done, we will be able to see if that is indeed so," said Green.