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Opposition leader says Joint Select Committee should examine ID Bill

Published:Sunday | November 12, 2017 | 11:19 AM
Opposition Senator K.D. Knight

People’s National Party’s (PNP) President, Dr Peter Phillips, says the midnight amendments to the National Identification System Bill further underscore the need for it to be sent before a Joint Select Committee where all the contentious issues can be hammered out.

A release from the PNP this morning said Phillips, who had urged the government during the debate in the lower house to send the Bill to a select committee when it was first piloted, stands with Opposition senators and Jamaicans from churches and civic organisations who raised their voices in protection of the rights of the people.

Senator K.D. Knight led the Opposition team on insisting that public consultations need to be held prior to any passage and signing-off of the Bill.

According to the PNP, other Opposition senators were forthright in their stance that the speed and process to the passing of this Bill, which will require every Jamaican to surrender much personal information, was not in the best interest of Parliamentary democracy, nor the interest of all Jamaicans.

The debate continues tomorrow.