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Growth & Jobs | Done with writing resumes

Published:Tuesday | November 14, 2017 | 12:01 AM

Humilty and a spirit of excellence are tips Deneese Hamilton, founder of Perfect Hair and Skills Products, are giving newcomers who want to be successful business owners.

Hamilton, who shared that she is a trained accountant noted that like with anything else, persons must be willing to make the necessary sacrifices and do the groundwork.

"I remember I was in Ochi Rios getting my products out there and, at the time, I couldn't afford to change a shoe. I remember I bought a pair for $500 downtown (Kingston) and there was actually no bottom on that shoes. I still decided to work in Ocho Rios going from pharmacy to pharmacy distributing my products. It even rained, so you can imagine the disaster. Now I can change shoes," she declared.

She now has 12 products including castor oil, black soap, coconut oil, avocado shampoo and conditioner, among other products.




She indicated that her business was born out of a rough period but noted that there are no regrets.

"In 2005, it was a rough time. I went through a divorce and things were really tough. It was during those times I was asking God, what exactly does he want me to do not just profession but life. And I remember going to my bed one night and I just woke up with Perfect Hair and Skin products, the colour and the name. I didn't have to think it through everything was very clear," she recall

"Whenever you are starting anything, you have a little struggle here and there trying to get the pieces together. But if you are willing to start humble and accumulate your wealth daily, you can make it. Be humble, have a vision, and do your part. There was something in me that made me know that I was to leave accounts and do this. I have not sent out another resume and I don't intend to do so in the future."