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Cornwall old boys defray some school expenses for promising students

Published:Friday | November 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Huntley Medley, chairman of the Cornwall College (CC) Class of 1985 Scholarship Committee (right) explains why grade seven student Tyrell Robinson (front centre) was selected for a special award following the selection and presentation of two main awards from the Committee in October. Looking on are, from right, Stafford Barrett, Treasurer of the CC Class of ’85; Lecia Allen, Acting Principal of Cornwall College; Garfield Robinson, Tyrell’s father; and Frederick Murray, Secretary of the CC Class of ’85.

From all indications 12-year-old Tyrell Robinson is a promising student who is a first-former at Cornwall College in Montego Bay. Anthony Brackett just entered grade nine, a critical year in the high-school life of all boys. Brackett has a reputation of being a solid performer academically with the potential for even better and consistently high grades. He is also active in the Pathfinders youth group of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Norwood, St James.

Robinson caught the eyes of members of the Cornwall College Class of 1985 Scholarship Committee when, in the summer this year, he submitted an application for a scholarship award as advertised by the group. Though he had not yet attended even one class at the institution, he and his parents had a need, saw an opportunity, and pursued it.

His application was complete with glowing recommendations from the guidance counsellor of the primary school he had just left - Cambridge Primary, and a noted justice of the peace of his community.




The scholarship guidelines asked for proof that the applicant is a student of Cornwall College. As he was a student about to enter the institution, some persons would have been daunted by this requirement. Tyrell and his parents were not. They duly attached proof of his ongoing registration supplied by the school. The adjudicators noted and were impressed by this demonstration of initiative.

While Tyrell and Anthony were edged out by two other students - tenth-grader Jinorri Wilson and eighth grade student Eric Wedderburn for the main awards of $50,000 each - they were both considered for special awards of $25,000 each.

In the case of Robinson, his stated greatest need was assistance to offset $18,000 in students/parents' contribution to the school.

Chairman of the Cornwall College class of '85 Scholarship Committee, Huntley Medley said that he and his colleagues were further impressed that at the time of application, Tyrell's mother, Carlatta Irving, who was interviewed, and father Garfield Robinson had, with great sacrifice, already bought his books and schools supplies and otherwise readied him for his sojourn to high school.

Anthony will be able to offset general expenses related to his attendance at school. The funds for all four awardees are administered by the school to meet the needs of the students through the Guidance Counselling Department.